viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007


I love two countries in this world, Venezuela and Chile, Venezuela have
916.700 km2, and Chile have 756.626 km2, I mean, Venezuela is bigger
than Chile, but Chile is Colder than Venezuela, Chile have 16°C and
Venezuela 26°C. I think that Venezuela is more beautiful and famous
than Chile, Venezuela have the most beautiful natural wonders like the
Angel Falls, but Chile have the 3 seasons ans sometimes is colder or
hotter than Venezuela.


Shakira: Hello Ale, What are you doing tomorrow night? Would you like to go out?
Alejandro Sanz: Oh!!, sorry baby I can't, I have a concert in Toronto tomorrow night
Shakira: Well, how about right now, are you do something now?A
lejandro Sanz: Oh, Great I'm very boring Right now, what are you planning to do?
Shakira: Would you like to come with me to the Ricky Martin's Concert?
Alejandro Sanz: Sure, I'd love to, but let me talk with Ricky for the VIP tickets
Shakira: Oh Cool, Call you later


Paulina R.: Hello Shakira: Hi, is Alejandro there?
Paulina R.: Yes he is, but is in the bed right now
Shakira: Oh!!, and how are you?
Paulina R.: I'm Pau
Shakira: Pau? Pau what?
Paulina R.: Paulina Rubio
Shakira: Oh, OK, can I leave a message
Paulina R.: Sure
Shakira: please tell him that I can't go with him to the concert because Chayanne invited me to his apartment
Paulina R.: Oh! OK, I tell him, say hello to Chayanne for me
Shakira: OK bye
Paulina R.: Bye

jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

I'm K3k@

Hi there! My name is Keyla but you can call me keka!I'm from Maracaibo originally, and 18 years old and I studying public accounting at URBE, I live in Maracaibo at La Limpia I love studying, talking on the phone, my job, and eat pizza, soup,meat and chocolate i hate baseball, violence, cleaning the house, smocking, injustice mathematics and lie My dreams is graduate from URBE and be a good public accounting, get married and start family, to travel around the world About English a think is very important but I need to practice very more, I can write well but can't speak but is the most difficult for me

About my friends their name are Gabriela and Yanileth

About Gaby, she is from Maracaibo a student from URBE University,she is 22 years old, and she lives in Ciudad de la Faria. She like chocolate and dislikes the violence. Your dream's is graduate from social communication at URBE. About English she can't write well but she need practice more

About Yanileth, she loves dance and don't like onions, your dreams is graduate from URBE, about English from she is very important


hello i am Keyla, welcome to my new blog.
Here you can find thing about me, my family and my friends. this blog was made for English 4 here you can find too all my homework for this matter...
I hope you enjoy this visit and back over and over and over again

Video Clip: "Sueño con tus besos"..... My cousin and me

Video Clip: "Dejame Gritar"... My cousin


Later of ends this level, i can know several important lessons like the characteristics of geography and persons.

I don't like present perfect because is very boring but i loved health problems....